Hello to everyone and anyone!

business self


For those unfamiliar with the author, here on the left is the man I attempt to project on you all, composed and serious in all my suited glory.

While on the right is me in my more natural selfie habitat, a trait which seemed to rub off on my colleagues.

I am a jester, a writer and a talker. I am in love with good food and wine, travel is by definition my way of life, and skiing is second to none when it comes to sports! Winter is when I thrive and in nature is where I find peace and inspiration. As mentioned skiing is a way of life, in my case it’s telemark, and during the summer there are few things as beautiful as the Norwegian mountains. It would be impossible to have an about page without mentioning my amazing girlfriend Sofie, who I am sure will be the centerpiece of many a blog post and poetry sessions. A small preview is of course bellow.

IMAG0262 skiing

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